What We Do


Insurance Strategies

Evaluate your current insurance policies from a cost and coverage perspective


♦ Discuss the benefits and pitfalls of forming a Captive Insurance company

♦ Tailor the most effective type of Life Insurance coverage for your specific situation

♦ Analyze the pros and cons of premium financing through a third-party lender


Executive Fringe Benefits

♦ Executive Bonus Plans

♦ Split Dollar Insurance

♦ Deferred Compensation Plans

♦ Non Qualified Executive Fringe Benefits

♦ Annuities 

♦ Cooperate owned life insurance

Health Care Benefits 


♦ Group Life & Medical Insurance 

♦ Disability Insurance 

♦ Long Term Care Insurance

Wealth Transfer and Preservation Strategies


♦ Craft tax efficient gift programs using family limited partnerships, charitable trusts, generation skipping trusts, and other mechanisms

♦ Analyze and update your estate planning strategies to capitalize on tax advantages and assure that your beneficiaries not the government, retain the largest possible share of assets

♦ Provide for sufficient liquidity for heirs to pay estate taxes

♦ College Funding

Pension Planning Strategies 


♦ Defined Benefit Plans 

♦ Defined Contribution Plans 

♦ 401K Plans